Swivel Entry Access Tool

Swivel Entry Access Tool Advantages

  • New swivel entry access tool has multiple functions built in one tool.
  • Entry port, Swivel, Pump-in and Howco.
  • A shorter rig up time.
  • No multiple tools and connections to make up.
  • No changing tong heads to bite on awkward angled tools.
  • Rig up time no more than 1hr. (Saves 2hrs of rig up time)
  • Wireline operators will not have to supervise or help with the assembly of tools.
  • Tools can enter from the top or at the floor.
  • Tools are patented.

4 ½ Tool

4,500 lbs. Tool Weight

Max pull; 700,000

Max pressure; 5,000 psi

5 ½ Tool

5,500 lbs Tool Weight

Max pull; 950,000

Max pressure; 5,000 psi

6 5/8 Tool

11,500 lbs Tool Weight

Max pull; 1,350.000

Max pressure; 5,000 psi

Torque Plate

Torque Plate 1,750 lbs Tool Weight

Max torque; 40,000

Tools are inspected after each job to ensure top quality equipment for every job and achieve high success rates to meet the customer specifications. All tools are designed and professionally engineered.

The newest addition to the Pin Torque line is the TORQUE PLATE, which attaches to the swivel entry tool and is capable of reading Left & Right hand torque in Foot LBs. The Torque Plate will keep your hands out of harms way, without the use of dangerous back-up tongs with cables to read and hold torque. The Torque Plate can read torque while watching torque travel downhole and it indicates a successful back off with a drop in the torque readout indicator. The Maximum Left and Right hand torque is 40,000 Ft. Lbs.

Locking Swivels can not read Left & Right Hand Torque.